How do these four Charlotte art collectors do what they do? Go inside their homes – and minds – to see.

Rule 1: It’s personal. Really personal. Rule 2: Yes, it can be about the money, but it often isn’t. Rule 3: Don’t assume “art collectors” buy pieces for the same reasons, using the same standards, through the same avenues. 

In fact, don’t assume they all buy pieces in the first place. (See Pickersgill, Eric.)

To get a peek at art collecting here, writer Mark Leach and photographer Mitchell Kearney asked four Charlotteans to let us into their homes and talk about what they collect, why, how they got started, where they put it all, and what’s been most successful for them – plus what advice they’d offer to people who’d like to get started.




berkshires Picture1

Worthington, MA in the Berkshires

Stunning scenery, beautiful contemporary craft, and a collegial atmosphere combined to make this month’s Founders Circle  “Heart of the Berkshires” a phenomenal experience. Twenty-one FC members and five colleagues from the Renwick alliance journeyed to western MA to undertake an exciting exploration of glass and clay artists and artistry. This unique trip was expertly curated by Leslie Ferrin and narrated by Mark Leach.

And what a unique experience it was! My name is Deborah Halliday and this is my experience. Photos taken by John Thompson.



Founders Circle members came out in force to once again enjoy the Delhom Service League and Caramics Affiliate of the Mint Museum yearly event!

View the embedded image gallery online at:



Similar to last year, this past year’s board’s efforts toward serving you - the Founders’ Circle - have had a good number of successes. It has been a productive year in our continuing rebuilding efforts. Let’s not forget however that there is still a lot to do in building our “community”.



On June 3rd an enthusiastic group traveled via private coach to visit Penland School of Crafts, the international center for craft education dedicated to helping people live creative lives.



Pictures from the Cocktail Party honoring Marc and Mattye Silverman on Saturday, May 20

Hosted by Richard & Yvonne McCracken, the event was a huge success, attended by over 70 members! 

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