Similar to last year, this past year’s board’s efforts toward serving you - the Founders’ Circle - have had a good number of successes. It has been a productive year in our continuing rebuilding efforts. Let’s not forget however that there is still a lot to do in building our “community”.

As an affiliate of the Mint Museum our mission is, in part, to raise monies to build our craft and design collection and to do it in an educational way for each and every one of us. As such, we the board spend a lot of time and energy organizing local, regional and national opportunities so that we can all share in the craft and design world. Our desire is to appeal to the variety of people of varying ages, backgrounds and styles of life.

The basis of our continued efforts is to meet the goals of the 2.0 Task Force Report which reads as follows:

The Task Force Report focused on long term strategies for sustainability and viability of the Founders’ Circle. The six basic objectives are:

1) develop a local community of craft enthusiasts and supporters; 2) grow targeted membership; 3) increase awareness and appreciation of Mint Museum; 4) support craft makers and artists; 5) educate members about contemporary craft and design; 6) raise funds to support exhibitions and programming at the Mint Museum.

The successes that we together have had have been the result of all of our Founders’ Circle Board Members’ efforts, both past and present, the support of our membership, the support of the MMC+D Board and the support of The Mint Museum Board of Directors.

Our goals for this past year FY17 were:

. To prove to our existing and new membership that it is worth their time and money to remain members of the Founders’ Circle.
. To build the size of our Board to a sufficient number of Board Members so that individual workloads can be reasonable and shared; currently with the size of our Board – too few people are doing too much work. This is unhealthy and is self-defeating.
. To determine if and when we are going to tackle another “Gala”.
. To communicate better both internally within our Founders’ Circle members and externally with the MMC+D and The Mint Museum.
. To work to develop activities for families and kids in the context of a more diversified group of membership.
. To attract a more diversified membership including the 30’s and 40’s generation into our membership and onto our Board.
. To develop an environment where the older members to mentor and support our future membership.
. To improve our networking with other craft + design organizations, such as the McColl Center, Penland and The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design and with our friends at the Bechtler Museum.
. To get a greater percentage of our membership to participate in events.

 Some of the highlights of this past year are as follows:

. Our membership has remained stable (in fact increased) as compared to the previous year.
. Our programming efforts have been excellent and continue to be well received.
. Our accounting efforts have been first rate. We are in a good financial position.
. We have added new Board Members – of different age groupings.
. We met our $10,000 pledge commitment to the Museum for the “Women in Glass” exhibition.
. We provided $2,500 financial support to the Delhom Service League – Potters Market /PMI.
. We have continued to meet with the President of the Mint Museum Board and the CEO/President of the Museum to determine and to track our paths toward meeting mutual goals and supporting each other.
. We have designed a new Founders Circle logo.
. We have launched our new web page and moved into the world of social media.
. We honored Mattye and Marc Silverman for their service to the Founders’ Circle and the Mint Museum as a whole.
. We acquired a $50,000 work of art, Quilt Film Quilt, in honor of Fleur Bresler.
. We have continued to meet with the President of the Mint Museum Board.
. Our Administrative Assistant, Sarah Robinson, has integrated herself well into our operations and she has taken a “big load” off of many of us.

Moving forward to FY18, I want to introduce you to our incoming President, Mr. Gary Rautenstrauch. I also want to introduce you to our new board members: Andrew Tangalos, Whitney Field and Greg Hill.

In conclusion, I thank you for allowing me to serve you and I thank you for the support that all of you have given me while I served in this position. Moving forward, I will work to support our incoming president, Gary Rautenstrauch, and will head up the executive committee in the coming year.


Dick McCracken